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The scope of our services include specifying, purchasing, and quality installation of hardwood, ceramic tile, granite and marble for home builders, residential and commercial accounts. We are capable of handling installations both large and small.

We appreciate your consideration of Brazilian-Floors LLC. as a supplier of your current and future floor covering needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding how we may be of service to you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality services and products at affordable rates is what makes Brazilian Floors the obvious choice to meet your needs.

Hardwood Floor

The natural beauty of real hardwood floors cannot be duplicated. The two main types of hardwood are divided into solid (one piece) and engineered (three-ply, etc.). Each has appropriate uses and offers a wide variety of looks and colors. From 2 1/4″ strip to custom-patterned parquets to intricate borders, wood floors can enhance the value and look of your home.

With the variety of species from Oak to Mahogany, Bamboo to Walnut, and even Tiger wood, the options in wood floors can fit almost any decorating plan. Also, no other floor can offer the option of changing the color without changing the floor, which can be done by refinishing and staining.

Homeowners with existing wood floors can revitalize the shine by having them re-coated. In most cases, wood can be sanded and stained a diffrent color for a brand new look to match your decor.

Ceramic Tile

The increase in the installation of tile in areas other than kitchens and bathrooms continues. Whether one chooses natural stone or clay-fired man made products, the choices in tile are extensive.

Non-porcelain tiles are an excellent value for consumers wanting durability and low maintenance. The variety in colors and sizes lends ceramic an ability to create customer designs and patterns to fit any décor. The use of porcelain tile outside can add a whole new look for entertaining on the patio or an outdoor kitchen.

Since the greatest of Ancient Civilizations, man discovered how to mix clay and water to produce tiles and used early tools to cut stone from rock. These materials continue to be desired today by those who appreciate natural beauty and durability.

Correctly installed and maintained, tile and stone can last a lifetime
Stone was created eons ago from the forces of pressure and heat and includes marble, slate, granite and travertine. Stone can be obtained from around the world as well as in the United States
Glazed tiles and properly sealed natural stone are resistant to stains, odors, bacteria and dirt
Tile and stone do not burn and will not melt from heat transfer
Density of these materials makes them resistant to moisture accumulation
Easily maintained with regular mopping
Grout should be sealed to prevent discoloration-NATURAL STONE MUST BE SEALED AT REGULAR INTERVALS
Newer computer imagery has been used to create man-made tiles that closely mimic natural stone but require minimum care or special products

Granite Countertop

The popularity of stone for counters continues to expand. Not just for residential kitchens, baths, and bars, the dramatic look of granite can be a stand-out in office reception areas, conference rooms, and any surface where you want to impress. The depth and drama of stone can truly make a statement for you while different edge treatments allow for a totally customized design. Backsplashes are also getting new attention. When coordinated with new or existing cabinets and floors, these upgrades will have a stunning impact in any location.

Always give consideration to the usage of the area when choosing materials
From a total remodel to modest improvements, try to have a realistic budget for your project
Tile/Stone/Quartz, etc. have different visuals and different costs
Maintenance and daily cleaning will vary with the type of surface
Vast rainbows of colors in Granite make this choice a perfect complement to any décor
Whether natural stone or man-made, tiles can be enhancing at a lower cost than slabs
From Glass, Metal, Stone or mixed components, the magic of borders, inserts, medallions and mosaics can have a WOW factor wherever they are used
Countertops in kitchens and baths will be subjected to extreme conditions